Purchasing an item

How to order?

Ordering is made simple by taking these few simple steps:

* Browse through the items we've listed.

* Write down the name and the bag's code for which you wish to own and click on our online purchase form.

* Fill up our form and don't forget to click on the 'Submit' button OR you can email the details to us.

Why do I need to fill up the order form?

It is for reservation purposes and as indication that you are serious on purchasing our items. Please make sure the following steps are completed:

* fill in your full name, contact no. and proper mailing address 

* fill in the item codes (bag's reference number) of the items you wish to order

* indicate your payment option

* write down any comments, questions or requests in the message box 

I've filled up the order form, now what?

Once it is done, wait for us to get back to you on further details.

The order form is not working, how to proceed with the process?

No sweat, it is probably the internal system problem we need to overcome. HOWEVER, the process can still be done, just send us the details in the form via email/SMS. The email and contact number details has been provided

Please leave your email address / contact number, so that we can contact you directly.

I've made payment!

Thank you for your prompt payment :) Now, make sure you fill in the BANK IN NOTIFICATION FORM or email/ SMS to us the payment reference no. and we will mail your item(s) out within 3 business days. Tracking no. for your parcel will be provided once we've mailed your item(s).

Payment Method

What are my payment options?

You can make payment via the following methods:

* bank transfer or cash deposit to our Maybank a/c. - for Malaysian shoppers
* bank transfer or cash deposit to our CIMB a/c. - for Malaysian shoppers
* 3rd party account transfer via maybank2u.com.my - for Malaysian shoppers
* Online transfer via CIMBclicks.com.my
* Paypal to maikabags@yahoo.com & transfer or cash deposit to our Maybank Sg a/c - for Oversea shoppers
* Paypal only - for International shoppers

For shoppers in Kota Damansara,TTDI and Bandar Utama, Cash On Delivery is available in selected location.

I'd like to opt for COD. What are the locations available?

 COD can be arranged at the following locations:

* THE CURVE, Mutiara Damansara

* ONE UTAMA Shopping Centre

* Anywhere in TTDI

*Subject to convenience of both seller and buyer

Delivery information

How much do I need to pay for P&P?
Postage & packaging will be charged according to delivery method and destination:

* For delivery via PosLaju: West Malaysia - RM7.00, East Malaysia - RM9.00

* For delivery via Reg.Pos: West Malaysia - RM3.00, East Malaysia - RM4.00

* For delivery to Singapore: SGD$10.00

* For delivery worldwide: Standard USD$7.50

Will I be able to track my item?

Yes, each parcel is delivered with a tracking no. which you can trace at www.pos.com.my. You can have a look at the no. on our blogspot as well, there's a tab specifically for it. 

Can you deliver my item via Pos Ekspress?

No, we're sorry. According to Pos Malaysia, Pos Ekspress is only for delivery of documents. And since Pos Ekspress delivery doesn't require the recipient's signature, there is no proof of receipt. We know some of you may think this is a cheaper option, but we do not wish to have any disputes in the event the package goes missing.

Do you combine P&P for multiple items?

Yes, in order to save on P&P, you are encouraged to purchase a few items at one go. The initial first item will be charged according to the standard P&P rate we mentioned above. Each subsequent item will be charged an additional RM1.00 to RM2.00 each (depending on weight of item), or SGD$2.00 or USD$2.00 each for buyers outside of Malaysia.

How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?

We will mail your item(s) within 3 business days of payment received. Delivery time will vary according to recipient's location:

* Within West Malaysia: 2-3 business days via PosLaju, 4-7 business days via Reg.Pos
* Within East Malaysia: 3-5 business days via PosLaju, 5-9 business days via Reg.Pos.
* Singapore & worldwide: 7-14 business days via Registered Pos

Availability of item

All orders are on first come first served basis.

I like this item, but it's already reserved by someone else. Can I still purchase it?

If an item is labeled reserved for someone, you can still send in your order and we will put you on the waiting list. In the event the other buyer backs out or cancels, we will release the item to you.

I submitted my order form but my item went to another buyer!

Item goes to whomever's order form came in first. If you did not get the item, it simply means you weren't as fast as the other buyer and we will put you on the waiting list.

Reservations & Cancellations

I wish to purchase an item but I can't pay within 3 business days, can I still reserve it first?

Yes, if you have made up your mind and sincerely wish to purchase it, please fill out our order form and submit it. We will reserve your item for you up to a week upon request (and with good reason). If we don't hear from you after a week, your item will be automatically released.

I've placed an order but now I've changed my mind and wish to cancel, what do I do?
Just let us know within 24 hrs :)

I wish to swap the item that I've ordered with something else on the blogshop..
We will swap the item for you provided payment hasn't been made. Just email us and let us know which item you want replaced.

Item Descriptions

What condition are the items in?
All items are in perfect conditions.

For any questions not found in this FAQ, kindly contact us.